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24 September 2009

Libtalkers Use Murdered Census Worker To Smear Right


Smear Machine Cranked Up To Take Advantage Of Death

Taking full advantage of a US Census worker's death for partisan purposes, liberal talk radio has begun to tie the attack on Bill Sparkman (shown here in AP image) to Congressman Joe Wilson, conservative talk radio and the kitchen sink.

Already, two examples have been documented, with one covered by Lachlan Markay at NewsBusters and the other found exclusively here at the Radio Equalizer.

Here, libtalker Stephanie Miller throws anything that might stick into the mix, despite the lack of any evidence to support her statements.

Here's the clip and transcript, which came from today's program:

MILLER (30:38): you know I have to ask you (directed toward guest Rep. Bobby Scott, D-VA-3) obviously having had this debate with Eric Cantor and being from the same state, you know we were just talking about his comments that oh, "Nancy Pelosi is living in another world" if she thinks that this kind of debate can lead to violence and then we just have, you know, the hanging of this worker, this Census worker, just yesterday with the word "Fed" scrawled across him.

We’ve seen people at guns with Town Hall meetings, meetings where the President is going to be. I mean who’s really living in another world here? I mean, who really thinks this is a civil debate, we’ve been having with people yelling “you lie” at the President.

MILLER (45:43): If you don’t think, you listen to what we just listened to, what Glenn Beck just did on TV. I mean this debate you try and say there’s no connection between Dr. Tiller being shot to death and Bill O’Reilly targeting him countless times on his TV show as baby killer Tiller and whatever. These tea parties, the 9/12 things the tea party things.

If America could die a slow death by stupid people that would be it. (Miller then played a sound bite of a woman with a southern accent at the 9/12 protest)

Hey, why wait for the facts to emerge when this poor man's death can be exploited for partisan political gain?

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  • This is going to be a suicide I think. I bet this man had so many problems he thought it better to off himself.

    By Blogger GeronL, at 25 September, 2009 01:55  

  • FBI this AM says likely suicide. Body had feet on the ground when found. Cause of death asphyxiation. Wouldn't say anything about AP reported 'fed' sign.

    Likely census taker tripped over marijuana grower? Yep Kentucky known for that grow weed stuff. If you ever see a marijuana grove, run fast.

    AP weee weed up story?

    By Blogger 10ksnooker, at 25 September, 2009 09:46  

  • yeah i am agree with the person, i think he is going to commit suicide, and its a bad thing, we should stop this, you have mentioned all the things we need to know, thanks for sharing this post with us.

    By Anonymous jingles, at 28 September, 2009 03:40  

  • This wasn't a suicide nor a drug murder. Drug dealers do not want to call attention to their fields/labs - certainly not by the FBI. This was a neo-con, pro-war person or group. This should be called what it is: Lynching. And you should thank your hero Glenn Beck for this. Thanks Glenn!

    By Anonymous honey potts, at 28 September, 2009 09:30  

  • This as quite a few marks of a "False-Flag Operation".

    For the know-nothings out there, that means it was done by someone who would like it to be blamed on an anti-Fed organization.

    90+% of "hate/racist/anti-government" events are now false flag operations to increase funding or media exposure. Folks just don't have time or interest to get out and burn crosses/churches, throw up twisted crosses, beat minorities in any kind of organized way. This is a big problem for fund raising if you run an AntiFa, thought-police, or "anti-hate" dot-org!

    BTW: Hate is a perfectly legitimate emotion to feel for people who would destroy your life/family/country, enslave everyone you love, and say that it's all for the good of the Earth.

    This was no way a suicide. This guy had recently beat cancer, gone back to school, and was doing a job he thinks is a patriotic duty (it is specifically noted in the US Constitution) at crumby pay.

    It's just a question of who did it. Then, we will know why.


    By Blogger pdxr13, at 09 October, 2009 11:17  

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