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30 April 2011

RFK Jr: Republicans Treasonous, Will Sell America To Foreigners


Libtalker Praises Grandfather As Paragon Of Virtue

With a Republican even occupying the Senate held for decades by Ted Kennedy, attitudes toward what liberals call "America's royal family" are decidedly more balanced these days. We know they weren't angels.

But to Robert F Kennedy Jr, the myths endure: during a libtalk radio interview Thursday, he praised his grandfather as a paragon of virtue who stood up for American patriotism while others parked profits overseas to evade taxes.

In RFK Jr's convenient world, circa-1929 stock market manipulation, rum-running and political trickery are apparently fabrications concocted by enemies for personal gain. Is this mere brain decay, or a deliberate attempt to rewrite family history?

Meanwhile, treasonous, evil Republicans can't wait to privatize public institutions for sale to foreigners at a quick profit. Can you follow his twisted logic?

ROBERT F KENNEDY JR (17:46): My grandfather used to, there was a guy who was putting his money, keeping it, shifted his corporations and his citizenship to the Bahamas and my grandfather, I remember how angry he was, he said that's treason to the United States.

Kennedy maintains a liberal radio show which has continued since the demise of Air America. His co-host: notorious trial lawyer Mike Papantonio, who was filling in for Ed Schultz during this particular program.

28 April 2011

A New Low For Libtalker Ed Schultz


Schultz Makes Disgusting Trump - Boy Reference

We've covered a lot of dubious Ed Schultz moments over the years, but his latest depravity may well top them all. The MSNBC libtalker used yesterday's radio program to make a disgusting comparison between Donald Trump and a 12-year-old boy with no consideration for his audience.


Using his best Sylvester The Cat emulation, Schultz was in a particularly nasty mood during the entire program, lashing out at opponents in the angriest manner possible.

When did Ed Schultz turn into Mike Malloy?


ED SCHULTZ (Hour One - 03:29): That is the perfect start to the conclusion of this story, that we have found out that Donald Trump is proud of himself! It's almost as if he's a 12-year-old that just learned how to m--------- and he's really proud of himself!

SCHULTZ (07:59, after playing clip of Stephanopoulos interviewing Trump): See that? That's how Trump plays the game. He's a bully. He's not about facts. It's about him and it's him controlling everything he possibly can. He's not worthy of an interview on The Ed Show. He's a dirtbag. He's a scumbag. He doesn't know. But he's gaming the media bigtime. Give him credit for that.

SCHULTZ (15:13): How will the Drugster handle the story? Nobody cares at this point as he continues to lose audience. And I see that Sean Hannity is now on a regular basis losing to Rachel Maddow. Hmm, interesting. Must be that liberal media that just doesn't connect with people.

He's got a television show, syndicated radio program and direct access to his Obamist pals in power. So why is Ed Schultz so miserable? Only he knows the answer.

ALSO: Ed should check his facts on the Maddow-Hannity ratings situation- the latter is handily beating his MSNBC competition nightly.

27 April 2011

Libtalker Railed Against Allen West Hours Before Arrest


Libtalker In Altercation With Congressman's Wife

Just hours before her arrest, the libtalker who disrupted Tuesday evening's town hall meeting with a Florida congressman took to the airwaves to rail against the freshman incumbent, looking to pack the event with fellow "progressives".

Misidentified by the media as simply a "former Air America Radio host", Nicole Sandler does regular fill-in work for Premiere Radio Networks, syndicator of the Randi Rhodes Show, as well as hosting her own online show, Radio Or Not. Premiere is the same firm overseeing Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity's programs.

Sandler was arrested after causing a disturbance while Rep Allen West (R-FL) (shown right in AP image) was speaking. In addition, she allegedly harassed West's wife during an apparent altercation.

In the second clip below, Sandler admits to the row, but blames the other party.

First, listen as Sandler guest-hosts Tuesday's Randi Rhodes Show, spending much of the program attacking West. In this opening segment, she disparagingly calls West a "tea-bagger", which has a obscene connotation:

If Sandler's goal was to turn herself into a "progressive" martyr, the jury's out on whether that was accomplished. But it certainly is fascinating to see the same Democrats who furiously denounced conservative protestors at their meetings in 2010 exhibiting far more extreme behavior in 2011.

24 April 2011

Libtalker Questions Obama's Free Pass On War


Bush War = Bad, Obama War = Good

Now that a liberal Democrat president is the Warmonger-in-Residence, isn't the left's relative silence fascinating?

As Predator drones are sent to Libya for combat by remote control, few "progressives" are debating our involvement in a complicated, increasingly regional conflict. Instead, some are even considering ground troops for the fight against Qaddafi's dictatorship. The far-left Huffington Post's drumbeat is particularly amusing.

Is it really as simple as Bush War = Bad, Obama War = Good? Is naked partisanship running amok?

That's why a dissenting view from libtalker Bill Press has caught our attention. During Friday's syndicated radio show, the ordinarily compliant Democrat questioned his own side's rush to jump into this conflict, particularly after the anger aimed at Bush in the first days of the Iraq invasion:

BILL PRESS (59:11): I think if this were George Bush saying he were sending drones into Libya this morning, a lot of us would be saying, "Oh, no you don't! No you don't.

That's taking it one step too far. That is really making this an American war."

The left's pursuit
of Bush as he sought to remove Saddam Hussein from power was nothing short of predatory, while Obama is given a near-free pass to conduct additional attacks as he sees fit. What's wrong with this picture?

23 April 2011

Libtalkers Reveal Sinister Right-Wing Plot


'Neutral Observers' Actually Right-Wing Plotters

Ouch, that hurts.

As they uncover our fiendish plot, outsmarting intellectually superior "progressive" foes has once again proven impossible. Why did we ever believe we could get away with it?

Yes, pretending to be impartial observers on Fox, at blogs and elsewhere while secretly promoting a (raaaaaaaaacist) right-wing agenda was bound to be exposed. Besides yours truly, Bernie Goldberg was also implicated, with Glenn Beck inexplicably added to the mix.

Of course, we've never claimed to be conservative at all, so our leanings had remained a mystery until revealed on liberal talk radio.

Listen as Stephanie Miller, guest Karl "Media Matters wasn't quite nasty enough for me, so I left for another smear site" Frisch and producers spill the beans on our sinister scheme:

STEPHANIE MILLER (12:15): My personal favorite is the guy who presents as the radio expert. The guy that had the right wing radio show that use to be on.

PRODUCER: Oh, the Radio Equalizer.

MILLER: that you use to be able to hear on your fillings and he doesn’t even have that anymore, so he’s the radio expert.

PRODUCER: That Radio Equalizer guy gets posted on NewsBusters a lot now. That’s because he does a column for NewsBusters.

MILLER: Yeah sure.

PRODUCER: Brian Mulroney.

And before that, a long reign as prime minister of Canada. What will this crack team of investigators turn up next?

21 April 2011

Limbaugh, Libtalker Agree: Incoming DNC Chair's 'A Joke'


Talkers In Rare Alignment On New DNC Leadership

Though she hasn't yet taken office, the Democratic Party's incoming chairperson is already inspiring political unity across the aisle! Unfortunately, however, the agreement is at her expense.

Yes, Rep Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-FL) has managed to align MSNBC libtalker Ed Schultz with conservative talk titan Rush Limbaugh, both of whom used yesterday's respective programs to denounce her.

While Limbaugh called her "a gift" to conservatives, Schultz told listeners he sees her as "a joke". From the latter's Wednesday program:

ED SCHULTZ (27:55): Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is an absolute, 100 percent joke. She is the worst thing that could happen for the DNC.


She loves herself on TV and she doesn't stand up for anything in my opinion.

For his part, Limbaugh
focused on Wasserman-Schultz's insane assertion that Republicans had somehow pre-stolen the 2012 elections, made even more surreal with Rachel Maddow appearing to take this kooky konspiracy theory seriously:

RUSH LIMBAUGH: Debbie Wasserman Schultz who now runs the Democrat National Committee, or maybe hasn't been sworn in but she's the new grand pooh-bah of the DNC, she was on PMSNBC last night, and she claims that the Republicans stole the election in 2012. Yes. She claims that the Republicans stole the election in 2012. Rachel Maddow had a question for her. "Is making it harder to register to vote, which many Republican controlled states are pursuing right now, is that a partisan tactic to make it harder to register to vote?"

WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: Republicans don't think that they can win elections in a fair fight, so they need to go systematically state by state rigging it so that it makes it much more difficult for all voters, regardless of political party affiliation or philosophical approach can get to the polls. What is rampant is the intimidation tactics that have been used by Republican supervisors of elections, Republican secretaries of state, and that the policies that have been used across the country by Republicans overseeing elections has really been outrageous in terms of getting in the way of voters who simply want to go to the polls.

RUSH: Right. So we've stolen the election of 2012. (laughing) Remember, with these people, you don't have to understand, Snerdley. The beauty of Debbie "Blabber Mouth" Schultz is that you don't have to understand. She is the gift that keeps on giving. All she has to do is open her mouth. The more visibility that Debbie "Blabber Mouth" Schultz has will do more for conservatism than even Donald Trump could do. Here's the second bite. After discovering that the Republicans have cheated already in the 2012 election, Rachel Maddow said, "What about the Democrat Party institutionally sorta taking the other side of this fight?"

Big Eddie's denunciation is surprising for one reason: Debbie has been a guest on his program many times and there was no previous indication they were anything other than friends and / or allies.

Thanks to both hosts for alerting us to what will likely be a great deal of political entertainment ahead. We can't wait to hear what Blabbermouth has to say!

13 April 2011

Libtalker / Notorious Trial Lawyer: Obama 'Carries Our Spear'


Libtalker Papantonio: Paul Ryan's 'A Freak'

While today's Wall Street Journal carefully picks apart left-wing arguments against Rep Paul Ryan's budget proposal, it may be wasting its time. That's because many of our "progressive" friends hope to win this battle through smears, not facts.

Today's poster child for this strategy is notorious Florida trial attorney / libtalker Mike Papantonio. Best known for his fill-in work on MSNBC and weekly radio show with Robert F Kennedy Jr, Papantonio used an Ed Schultz Show guest appearance to repeatedly call Ryan "a freak" and "boy", used and abused by the all-powerful, eminently-evil Koch Brothers (cue sinister musical score).

Then, just when his rant was growing especially tiresome, we were suddenly jarred awake: the Papster says he still supports Obama because he's "carrying our spear."

JUST IMAGINE the reaction to a conservative host using "Obama" and "spear" in the same sentence! It would dominate the news cycle for days.

But don't expect Sharpton & Friends to protest this one:

MIKE PAPANTONIO (22:35): It is the Paul Ryan hate-the-poor-people plan.

PAPANTONIO (24:33): Every time he (Obama) gives credence to this freak (Paul) Ryan. It's not just Ryan. Ryan just a mou-, he's just a boy. Ryan is just a boy. He's a boy for the Koch brothers. He's no different from Christie or Scott Walker or Rick Scott.


I think he's a terrible negotiator. Think about his background. He comes from a professorship teaching constitutional law at Harvard [incorrect]. Now, there's no negotiating involved there. He doesn't get, you know, down and dirty ...

ED SCHULTZ: So why did progressives support him then?

PAPANTONIO: Because he is good for progressives. Don't get me wrong, Ed, he is good for progressives. He's the only guy out there carrying our spear.

Something tells us the PC police will be cruising right past this crime scene.

12 April 2011

MSNBC Libtalker Defends Team O's Trump-Bashing As 'Necessary'


If Donald's No Threat, Then Why The Obsession?

If Donald Trump's possible presidential ambitions are so easily dismissed, then why is the left obsessed with attacking him everywhere they go?

Between stuffy Sunday morning talk show slams, derisive newspaper covers, lefty smear blogs and liberal talk radio hate-fests, it's open season on the outspoken businessman / personality.

For his part, MSNBC libtalker Ed Schultz made clear the talking points memo had reached his desk, hurling every childish insult under the sun during Monday's radio program. Calling Trump a "chump", "turd" and other memorable second grade taunts (they quickly ran out of words that rhyme with "trump"), Big Eddie sure seemed worried about The Donald.

Otherwise, why spend so much air time talking about him?

Astonishingly, Schultz said he found it "necessary" for Obama to insultingly denounce Trump as a key part of the president's re-election campaign kickoff. According to Eddie, "It had to be said."

Again, if he's a mere sideshow, then why not ignore him?

Sorry, but their actions are saying something different: they're scared to death of a man with household name recognition and the financial resources to mount a real campaign.

Most importantly, Donald Trump's the first potential contender who doesn't seem afraid to go on the offensive against Obama without fear of establishment media backlash.

With all of that, how could they NOT be shaking in their Birkenstocks?

10 April 2011

Democratic Party Consultant: Republicans Should Be Attacked With Bats


Carter Admin Official: GOP Deserves Violence

Courtesy of a Democratic Party strategist, here's today's delightful example of liberal political 'civility': a call for violent bat-work against those who dare to oppose their rule.

Earl Bender, a former Carter Administration official who now consults for liberal candidates and initiatives, used Friday's syndicated Ed Schultz Show to make the thuggish call.

While Schultz was away, his fill-in host did nothing to challenge Bender's violent rhetoric. In fact, he agreed, as long as wooden bats were used:

EARL BENDER (DEMOCRATIC PARTY POLITICAL CONSULTANT) (07:47): Well, instead of a baton I think he [Obama] should pick up a baseball bat and just start bashing 'em over the head, hoping that the Republicans will gain some common sense.

Let's add this one to our Democratic Love Speech files for use the next time conservatives are under media fire for supposed "incivility" in public discourse.

06 April 2011

Glenn Beck's Future Debated


Where Does Glenn Beck Go From Here?

Just how troubled is Glenn Beck?

With his cable talk show soon to be on ice, there is growing alarm inside broadcasting as to his current state of mind. Behind the scenes, concern mounts over the future of his multimedia mini-empire.

Is Glenn Beck healthy? Does he know how to get help if needed? Is he a danger to himself? Is he nuts, self-destructive, or both? Many of these questions are being asked today.

They're all reasonable.

Long an eccentric, Beck's on-air antics have recently crossed the line from silly and irreverent to worrisome. Is he chatting with cupcakes to be funny, or because he believes they can talk back?

Your Radio Equalizer has often asked those who've encountered him in the halls what he's like off the air, but even those with personal familiarity aren't exactly sure where the act ends and the real Glenn begins.

That's why today's announcement is troubling: it suggests strongly that Beck is the same both on and off the air.

In the past, we'd been especially tough on Glenn, but that changed last year during a period of productive career focus that became impressive. In particular, his Restoring Honor rally in Washington was a major success and he deserved credit for both the strong turnout and positive themes.

In addition, his launch of The Blaze (from where above-right image was taken) proved instantly popular, generating substantial influence and readership.

But 2010 may have proven the exception, rather than rule in Beck's career. All the spin in the world isn't going to convince the public that things are going well.

What's left for Glenn? Radio, never particularly strong for Beck, remains in place for now. The Blaze may continue to grow. Unless MSNBC undergoes a sex-change operation, however, it's unclear where in cable talk he could land.

In the meantime, let's hope he can hold it together.

02 April 2011

Rosie O'Donnell's Worried Her Son Will Join Military


In Obamist Era, Left's Military Stance A Muddled Mess


In the Obamist Era, what's a good "progressive" to do? As their Dear Leader morphs into a bomb-dropping warmonger, attacking our troops certainly isn't as easy as when Bush was president. Now, it's Barack's brigade!

In 2011, being "anti-war" is more nuanced, highlighting the "community" aspect of our military, but also expressing the hope that it could become a "service organization" along the lines of Obama's 2008 campaign trail rhetoric.

During yesterday's satellite radio program, listen as Rosie O'Donnell frets over her son's interest in joining the armed forces once he is old enough, her attempts to change his mind, as well as the reassuring hippie-era idealism offered by film director Tom Shadyac (known for overseeing Jim Carrey comedies):

MOVIE PRODUCER TOM SHADYAC (43:45) (On Rosie's teenage son's interest in one day joining the military): Perhaps your child will be one of the ones who rethinks the military, and it becomes a service organization. There's nothing wrong with the military in terms of [being] a police force protecting us. I think we all have a right to live in a somewhat reasonably safe societal structure, but, I don't want to be '60s about this, but use [the military] as a service force.

Drop love and not bombs, and see the power of that.

No further comment needed here.

Al Sharpton: Donald Trump's Motives Are Racist


Just How Much Do Obamists Fear The Donald?


Just when Obama's inner circle thought the birth certificate issue had faded, along comes Donald Trump to raise unanswered questions all over again.

Is the left ticked? You bet- they're furious, unleashing a collective tirade against The Donald in recent days. While trying to keep his cool, Reverend Al Sharpton attacked Trump's motives as racist during his syndicated radio program earlier this week.

Rather than face obvious criticism for playing the race card, Sharpton utilized a particularly squirrelly approach, hiding behind the words of white MSNBC talker Rachel Maddow:

AL SHARPTON (42:46): Donald Trump, who is speculating very publicly about running for president, has in the last seven days revised this whole issue of President Obama’s birth certificate, whether or not he was actually born in the United States. It has been clearly said he has been born in Hawaii, which is a United State [sic]. And went out yesterday saying he could produce his birth certificate in an hour and produced some documentation which ended up being not his birth certificate.

Regardless of all of that Rachel Maddow raised and issue that I think bears some discussion last night on msnbc about is the basis of this really race based? The fact of the matter is the president had an African father and a white mother and why I mean is the subtlety around his birth date really raising race questions and legitimate questions that have something to do with race is her point?

Yes, Al, it's merely Rachel's point, nothing you probably cooked up a week before it ever occurred to her.

Does the guy who wrote the book on creating racial flaps out of thin air really believe he's fooling anybody here?

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