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27 January 2012

Libtalker Stephanie Miller Sorry Governor Brewer's Finger Wasn't Severed


Libtalker Longs For Days Of Political Violence

You know what's wrong with politics today? There just isn't enough violent thuggery.

Why, in the good ol' days, daring to challenge a revered leader's wisdom would have been met with a quick finger chopping, followed by something even more horrible.

Obama's media defenders have been incensed since Arizona Governor Jan Brewer held her ground with the "progressive" messiah during the latter's visit to Arizona earlier this week.

Though raw video captured by the Associated Press shows the Republican greeting Obama warmly upon arrival, Democrats have insisted she was out of line. But audio from the incident has yet to be located, if it exists at all.

Below, take a look at the AP feed, followed by libtalker Stephanie Miller's nostalgic call to violence and ridiculous use of the race card:

STEPHANIE MILLER (Hour One - 30:02): You know it is exhibit you know six thousand two of the unbelievable disrespect for this President. You know it’s like she (Gov. Jan Brewer) almost was posing for that picture on the tarmac of her with her finger up in the President’s face you know it’s like Lyndon Johnson would have broken that off and shoved it up your bleep.


MILLER (Hour Three - 2:01): What did someone on my Facebook page say she’s playing the fragile white woman scared of black man card? Yeah.


MILLER: Six minutes after the hour yeah the white woman must be right (snoring noise)

WARD: [using southern accent] He [Obama] took the note and threw it in the car.

LAVOIE: She [Gov Jan Brewer] doesn’t like it when the help talks to her that way.

MILLER: No! I just got a DVD copy of The Help, I’ll watch it again in honor of Jan Brewer again this weekend.

Governor Brewer has done interviews since the encounter explaining her side of the story, telling KTAR / Phoenix hosts (audio here) that Obama was angry over the contents of her book and words were exchanged over the illegal immigration issue.

But who needs facts when emotional calls for violence and childish race-baiting tactics are so much more effective?

21 January 2012

Geraldo Rivera Makes Liberal Use Of Divisive Race Allegations To Slam SC Voters


Rivera's Race Card Rhetoric Could Make Al, Jesse Blush

Move over, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson: there's a new Race Card King in town. Geraldo Rivera's fledgling radio career has provided an opportunity to spout more divisive rhetoric than the Justice Brothers could cook up in a lifetime.

Why? Who can understand anything Geraldo does?

But there he is, slamming South Carolina voters as racist secessionists just waiting for a Second Civil War to begin.

Particularly bizarre here is Rivera's assertion that Newt Gingrich has somehow mispronounced "Juan" in a way that he "swears to God" is a "racial epithet". We've reviewed this repeatedly and it just doesn't sound out of the ordinary. What does he mean?

Geraldo apparently is unaware that Juan's real detractors are found at sewer-dwelling "progressive" sites such as DailyKos. They hate him even more at NPR. How is his name pronounced there?

Equally peculiar: repeated public assertions (even just yesterday) that he's a "militant centrist" when in fact his own on-air language couldn't possibly sound further to the left.

From Thursday's WABC / New York broadcast:

GERALDO RIVERA (04:46): He [Jimmy Carter] may be, as many people suggest, one of the most unpopular former presidents. I think he's very underrated.

GERALDO RIVERA (11:32): I think that if you had stood up in that crowd in South Carolina during that debate and if you had said, I want South Carolina to secede from the nation again just as we did in 1860, we're going to be a, you know, or '61, we're going to be an independent country, we're going to leave this dreadful union, I bet they would have cheered that too.

BIZARRE BONUS CLIP: Sharpton & Friends lament mistreatment of Santorum!

AL SHARPTON: Let me ask you this how does Rick Santorum stand now with this? You've got Rock Santorum just got a major announcement that he really won Iowa, yet Rick Perry is going with Gingrich. Does this [Gingrich ex-wife controversy] give Santorum new life or is it too late?

KAREN HUNTER (PROFESSOR / ANALYST / GUEST): No no I think it’s too late and you were absolutely spot on, they absolutely robbed him of his opportunity to have momentum after Iowa. And there was a question right after Iowa and the vote actually the delegates whatever were split. I mean it was just really they did him (Santorum) a disservice. They did him really dirty in my opinion and I think the momentum is gone now.

Yes, we're sure you're CRUSHED that Rick Santorum has been so mistreated. Talk about disingenuous.

18 January 2012

IRS-Raided Sharpton & Friends Slam Mitt Romney Over Tax Returns


Reverend Al & Friends Redefine Chutzpah

Memo to Al Sharpton & Friends: is it really wise to bring up the issue of "tax returns" during your show?

After all, the Reverend's own operations were RAIDED BY THE IRS in 2007 and as of late 2011, his organization still owed the feds $2.6 million. The National Action Network's accounting has been described as "in disarray" and "a mess".

And yet that hasn't stopped the MSNBC host from turning his syndicated radio show into a Mitt Romney-bashfest this week over that very issue. Apparently Al believes his listeners are too ignorant to see the screaming hypocrisy.

During yesterday's program, fellow MSNBC talker and regular guest Melissa Harris-Perry slammed the GOP primary candidate, calling him "unbelievably dishonest" regarding his finances.

This is part of a broader line of attack undertaken by Newt Gingrich and Obama-supporting Democrats.

From Tuesday's Keeping It Real With Reverend Al Sharpton:

MELISSA HARRIS-PERRY (19:27) (MSNBC, SHARPTON GUEST): Romney’s not presenting himself in a way that is moderate, he’s just so unbelievably dishonest about his own record, so unbelievably dishonest about his own finances, so unbelievably unbelievable that I think it’s just it’s almost impossible to imagine how he’s going to pull together a reasonable coalition to win in 2012.

And from what we've heard so far of today's Sharpton show, the Mitt- tax return theme was repeatedly used and abused by Al's Pals. Given the Reverend's long history of trouble, will anyone mention the obvious irony?

17 January 2012

Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) On Sharpton Show: Republicans Ready To Bar Voters


NY Dem: GOP Has 'Twenty Ways' To Violate Rights

Citing pre-Civil Rights Era poll taxes and other notorious, since-banned methods of cutting turnout, Senator Charles Schumer was at his most shameless during yesterday's Al Sharpton radio broadcast.

Telling Keeping It Real listeners that Republicans had devised "20 ways" to stop the minority vote, the New York Democrat did his level best to enrage the largely African-American audience.

What exactly are these "20 ways"? If only Chucky would provide a list, we might then have an idea what to anticipate.

Otherwise, listeners are left to their own imaginations:

SEN CHUCK SCHUMER (D-NY) (4:25): The hard right is really going at this [voting rights] right now and they’ve made a concerted movement to prevent people from voting in a variety of different ways. The worse way is they you know it’s no more that you can do a poll tax and say to black people its fifty dollars for you to vote for white people its fifty cents.

There’s no more discrimination overt, but what they’ve done is they’ve come up with twenty different ways that make it much more difficult for people to vote.

Oh, that's right, some people want voters to bring some form of ID to the polls, which we all know African-Americans apparently don't have. Is that really their argument?

And REMEMBER, this did not happen.

16 January 2012

Arianna Huffington Critical Of Michelle Obama Over Seeming Indifference To Poverty


Arianna To MO: Watch The Bel Air Trips

How will they pin this one on conservatives?

From our establishment media friends, nearly every criticism of Michelle Obama these days is blamed on the usual vast, right-wing conspiracy. But what happens when objections come from the left?

During the most recent edition of Both Sides Now with Huffington and Matalin, co-host Arianna Huffington used the airwaves to let Michelle know she has appeared indifferent to suffering in America, focusing instead on hobnobbing with wealthy donors in Bel Air and elsewhere. She wondered, why not visit South-Central Los Angeles during one of these fundraising trips?

From the program:

ARIANNA HUFFINGTON (24:24): I'd love [Michelle] to be more [like] Eleanor Roosevelt right now, because the country needs an Eleanor Roosevelt who's going to go around and at the same time that she's doing fundraisers in Beverly Hills and Bel Air, she should go to South Central [Los Angeles], I mean, if I were Michelle Obama right now, I would not go anywhere for a fundraiser without going and seeing the places where there is pain, where there is struggle, where there is homelessness, where there is unemployment.

This begs the question: is ALL criticism of Michelle Obama off-limits to our media friends, even when it comes from the left? And within the gushing "progressive" movement, is she above even constructive advice?

Expect the usual approach from the left to this type of development: silence.

15 January 2012

Geraldo, Press Take Bizarre Shots At Romney


Democrats Road-Test Romney Attack Strategies

Say what you want about liberal talk radio's lack of audience, but it does serve at least one purpose: to road-test upcoming Democratic Party election strategies. As libtalkers are happy to parrot partisan talking points, insiders can fine-tune attacks ahead of broader use.

Now that short-sighted GOP primary opponents are just about finished demolishing the party from within, a Democratic Party anti-Mitt Romney smear campaign is in the works.

From Friday's broadcasts, two examples stand out: Geraldo Rivera's silly "Mexican" attack line and the perhaps more promising "Gordon Gekko" tag.

From Geraldo's Friday WABC / New York program:

GERALDO RIVERA (21:31): You know, I don't think no one doesn't like him. I think a lot of people, he's gorgeous looking. You know, my beef with him is that he doesn't fess up to the fact that he's a Mexican and has a Mexican father and a Mexican grandfather and still he's bashing all the Mexican immigrants.

Lest you think Geraldo made this one up on his own, take a look at how it's beginning to appear elsewhere, including ABC News coverage and more. A phony Twitter character has also emerged to round out the childish antics.

Here, libtalker / former CNN host Bill Press fancies himself a comedian while throwing around the "Gordon Gekko" (main character in Wall Street) tag like it's going out of style:

BILL PRESS (3:46): Up posted today my latest column on the perfect bumper sticker for Gordon Gekko aka Mitt Romney ‘Greed is good.’ It’s so funny if you look at the comments made by Michael Douglas back in that 1987 classic wall Street playing Gordon Gekko you will see that they mirror exactly one hundred percent the sentiments and the policies and the practices of Bain Capital’s Mitt Romney.

A far-left group in South Carolina has already taken this one step further with a Gekko impersonator.

Stay tuned for more previews of what is sure to become a unbelievably nasty election season.

11 January 2012

Al Sharpton Uses Radio Show To Partially DEFEND Mitt Romney


Ulterior Motives Behind Sharpton's Romney Defense

At first glance, it might seem shocking: is the Reverend Al Sharpton really defending Mitt Romney against political attacks?

As a close Obama advisor, why on earth would he help the Republican former Massachusetts governor? Is this a case of political Sharp-shifting?

And yet, here he is, making clear to radio listeners that Romney's supposed "I like to fire people" gaffe was actually taken out of context.

Take a look:

AL SHARPTON (4:29): Willard (Romney) said yesterday a statement that was taken out of context. He (Romney) was talking about insurance companies and he says that people should have the right to fire them. He says I like firing people that don’t give me the service I want and right away Jon Huntsman and Newt Gingrich and a few of the others Rick Perry I think took on the statement and said he said he liked firing people.

Now, two things about that. One, it was taken out, now I do think that it’s weird at best to say I like firing people. Even if it’s I like firing insurance people. I have terminated people that have worked for National Action Network or me personally. I don’t like it. I don’t like getting a different waiter at a restaurant. I don’t like depriving people of an income or depriving me of service. But the second thing about it is it’s not the Democrats or the progressives or the left wing. It’s the Republicans that made this issue.

Yes, it wasn't a complete defense of Romney (who Sharpton always refers to as "Willard" on-air), but still highly unusual, to say the least.

So what gives? For answers, look to a Rush Limbaugh monologue from Monday where Democratic operative Donna Brazile's candid admission was noted:

BRAZILE: Mitt Romney won tonight because no one touched him -- and for Democrats, you know what? It was good news for us.

KARL: Why is that?

BRAZILE: Because we believe that the weakest candidate is the candidate that the Republicans are not attackin', and that's Mitt Romney.

KARL: Oh, come on.

STEPHANOPOULOS: No, you don't believe that, Donna.

RUSH: That's Stephanopoulos. What Stephanopoulos is saying is, "Shut up, Donna! What the hell are you doing, Donna? Did you not take your meds?" That, "Come on, Donna, what are you doing? You know you don't believe that" means, "Donna, shut up." You know, she's feeling her oats there. So Palin has come out said it and Donna Brazile saying it. "Oh, yeah, the one guy not being attacked..." She practically gleeful here, and I'll tell you why she's gleeful. She's gleeful because what she sees is Romney getting the nomination, so she thinks it's okay to blow the lid off this cover now. "Mitt Romney won tonight, because no one touched him -- and for Democrats that's good news for us."

Stephanopoulos says, "Whoa, whoa, whoa! Why is that?" "Well, because we believe the weakest candidate is the candidate the Republicans are not attacking, and that's Romney," and Stephanopoulos says, "Oh, you don't believe that!" I guarantee she had a talking to. They had a talking to with her with her after this, because that's a major faux pas. The line that's supposed to come out of the Democrat Party is they're scared of Romney. The line is, "Oh, no, they don't want to face Romney. Romney is the toughest guy." That's the line, and they know, folks -- the Democrats know that our experts are stupid enough to believe that the Democrats will be honest and tell us who they really don't want to face. I'll tell you who they don't want to face when we come back.

Isn't it simple? These guys are all working from the same playbook. In a weak moment, Donna let the cat out of the bag. Sharpton isn't looking out for Romney, he's helping Obama manipulate GOP primary contests to the benefit of the White House.

That Republicans (like RINO Newt) are behind the savage attacks on Romney only helps to deflect attention away from this obvious Obamist scheme.

09 January 2012

Harry Belafonte's Obama Disappointment Cut From Same-Day Rebroadcast


Belafonte's Anti-Obama Rant Removed From Sat Re-Feed

It's been a strange 24 hours or so in Obamaville: William Daley has abruptly left the White House and a new book details secret parties with fat budgets.

But that's not all: PBS talk host Tavis Smiley has found himself disinvited to an upcoming King event over gentle criticism of the president and we've uncovered a peculiar incident that occurred during Smiley's most recent radio program.

Yesterday's edition of the syndicated Smiley & (Cornel) West show featured Harry Belafonte detailing his ongoing unhappiness with the Obama Administration.

Though Belafonte did this previously in July 2011, something about yesterday's grievances caused an odd case of audio editing for the evening's satellite re-feed to public radio affiliates across the country. But we've managed to isolate the apparently offending passage and offer it to you here:

HARRY BELAFONTE: When I think of Barack Obama and I think about all that is at stake here I’ve really long since left talking about how many terms he will be as a president. My question is what legacy will he leave having had the opportunity to serve under such hugely dramatic circumstances and boggled the mind and boggled people’s thinking and had such a huge impact on the universal state of things.

And how could he have had such a splendid opportunity to do more than most presidents would have ever been able to do and he let that opportunity slip away from him. And I am very cautious of the fact of those who thinks that he has some hidden agenda and that if only he could be given a second term for us to see the new light new things will be revealed. A new efforts will be made to take us to a place other than where we have been and where we languish.

I just don’t trust that. I don’t think that a safe way an accurate way to look at the scenario. I think if there was the kind of moral compass serving Barack Obama in the way we had all hoped, the moral force would have helped him make choices. The absence of that force in his equations the absence of that barometer to guide him when he has to make these decision which are hugely complicated, especially from the political perspective. He should have come to the table with things that I think would have helped us in this moment of crisis.

So what's the problem, is it simply too close to the election? Is Smiley attempting to tone things down after the MLK disinvite? Or was it something in particular Belafonte said? If we find out you'll be the first to know.

08 January 2012

Geraldo Rivera Uses New Radio Show To Advocate Government Licensing Of Parents


Defends Casey Anthony, Yet Wants Gov Parental Oversight

NOW we know why Geraldo Rivera was keen on adding a radio show to his schedule: so he could promote two opposing viewpoints on the same issue!

Within a period of less than 12 hours the King of All Media Hackery jumped on Bill O'Reilly for being much too critical of (insert your own descriptive language here) Casey Anthony, but then told radio listeners he advocates government licensing and "vetting" of all prospective parents in America.

In Geraldo Bizarro World, it's give Casey the benefit of the doubt, while real mothers and fathers are guilty until proven innocent. Could anything be nuttier?

w, watch as Geraldo pounces on O'Reilly, then in our own clip from his new WABC / New York radio program, see his real Big Brother-ish agenda exposed:

GERALDO RIVERA (34:11): I swear to God, you talks about sickos, you talk about sickos. You should need to have a license to have a child. You should be vetted. I think I can't stand these stories. I've covered so many of these toddler-torture-murders. It's just something that is unbelievable.

We're THRILLED Geraldo's decided to play radio for a while and can't wait for the next foot-in-mouth episode. He's off to a fantastic start!

06 January 2012

Al Sharpton Defends Ed Schultz Over Seeming Praise For Santorum


Schultz Lashes Out At Critics, Al Lends Hand

Memo to Ed Schultz: why fight your own battles when The Reverend is ready for action? While the infamously hot-headed MSNBC talker was taking to YouTube in a bizarre, rambling attempt to defend himself from "progressive" criticism, Al Sharpton used his own radio program to un-dig the giant hole.

The issue: Schultz's seeming praise for Republican Rick Santorum, a major no-no in lefty circles. Ed tried to focus on the former Pennsylvania senator's "effective", "retail" campaign style, but fellow liberals considered it actual support for the GOP presidential candidate.

That has callers phoning Sharpton's radio show in protest, given that both work in the same building.

In the first clip, watch as Schultz defends his commentary, telling critics to "shut up!" Next, our own follow-up with Sharpton attempting to clarify Schultz's position:

CAROL IN MILWAUKEE (43:54): I was just quite upset with the way Ed Schultz you know glorified this Rick Santorum. I mean Rev. Al I heard him say about blacks and the fact that they have to stop giving African Americans handouts, I was done with him. He’s a racist and it’s evident and I can’t understand how someone like Ed Schultz would be saying that this guy is a good guy. I could not understand that and, like I said I watch you guys every night, but I’m wondering now if I should continue to watch Ed Schultz if that’s his stand on this racist Rick Santorum. I just don’t know. I love watching you.

AL SHARPTON: Well Carol, let me say this and thank you for your call. I think what Schultz tried to say was that he felt the guy was effective, that he was not supporting him. But a lot of people did think he overly kept saying how the guy had all of the full packaging and the qualities of a good candidate. I don’t think he meant he was supporting him.

But he (Schultz) did the guy was going to do well and he was right. He did do very well. But I certainly, I think that the guy (Rick Santorum) is scary, the guy being Rick Santorum. I think he’s dangerous. I think he’s a better connector has more charisma than Willard [meaning Mitt Romney] which is why he’s even more dangerous.

Note the derisive use of "Willard" to denote Mitt Romney, from the same person that didn't want Obama's middle name mentioned in any public setting! Sharpton's doing this repeatedly.

Is Sharpton now in position to become a regular defender of Schultz? If so he'd better carve out a lot of time, it's nearly a full-time job.

05 January 2012

Former CNN Host Bill Press Suggests Rick Santorum Enjoys Bestiality


'Progressives' Pounce On Santorum After Iowa Success

Is it really any surprise to see our ever-tolerant "progressive" friends pounce on Rick Santorum after his top-tier finish in this week's Iowa Caucuses?

They've hated the former Pennsylvania senator for years, engaging in childish antics including the infamously vulgar manipulation of his Google search results.

But now that he represents a real threat to Obama's regime, Operation Sick Rick has been officially unleashed upon the American electorate. Every potential slanderous attack is ready for deployment as needed.

Doing his part is former CNN host / nasty syndicated libtalker Bill Press, who was happy to suggest Santorum enjoys bestiality when he's not busy on the campaign trail. From Thursday's program:

BILL PRESS (52:56): Once the microscope goes on Rick Santorum, Americans will learn that maybe he has more baggage maybe than the rest of them. This is not a man with your average American opinions. Santorum for example as a strict Catholic is on the record as being against all forms of birth control. No more condoms no more pills no more diaphragm, just lots more unwanted babies.

Santorum is not only against gay marriage he is against any exercise of homosexuality, which he equates as man on dog, whether he’s speaking of his own experience, we don’t know.

This routine is right out of the partisan campaign playbook: define your opponent before he has a chance to define himself. That doesn't make this attack method any less disgusting, however.

SPECIAL BONUS SILLINESS: Obama the real winner in Iowa!

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