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20 December 2004

"Christine Rossi" Write-in Vote Counted for Democrat Gregoire!

In The American Thinker, Richard Baehr provides an excellent and thorough account of the disaster that is the 2004 Washington State gubernatorial election. The comparison to Mayor Daley's efforts in 1960 to carry Illinois for Kennedy is appropriate and logical rather than emotional. In both cases, whenever Democrats fall behind, "votes" suddenly appear out of thin air. It's the oldest trick in the book.

That a write-in vote for "Christine Rossi" was credited by corrupt King County to Democrat Christine Gregoire is in itself scandalous. His source for this bit of information, which I haven't seen elsewhere, is The Wall Street Journal's John Fund. This is of course reminiscent of the same type of manipulation of a voter's intent that occurred in the Florida 2000 mess.


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