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19 December 2004

Shoppers Fed Up With Exclusion of Christmas

The ongoing effort to purge and strip any mention of "Christmas" from stores, their advertising and marketing is really ticking off shoppers this year, especially in Massachusetts. The politically correct effort ends up offending more people than it placates but retail chains are sticking to it (Boston Herald):

A recent Macy's advertisement urged customers to take advantage of savings before the ``big day.'' But the company doesn't have a policy against using ``Merry Christmas,'' officials said.
``We have a had a fair number of calls and e-mails on this,'' said Federated spokeswoman Carol Sanger. Most have been critical of the company although a few have said thank you for being more inclusive.
Officially, the decision to use ``Merry Christmas'' is left up to Federated's divisions.
``The irony is that we're doing nothing differently than we have for the last 10 years,'' Sanger said. ``It's merely a reflection of the more multicultural society in which we live.''

What I've noticed in ads is that some will say "happy holidays" and "happy Kwanzaa" right next to each other. If you can reference one holiday by name why not the other? Doesn't it sound downright moronic to refer to Christmas as the "big day"?


  • You will probably be surprised, but I agree with you. For my part, I respect all religions, but hate christmas with a passion. I think it's the rain.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 20 December, 2004 03:53  

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