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21 December 2004

Reed's Flawed Reasoning

As we await the Washington State Supreme Court's ruling on the appeal by Democrats of a ruling by a Pierce County judge that King County could not add late "ballots" to the third count, Secretary of State Sam Reed has a mighty strange argument for counting hundreds of compromised ballots.

He says in his filing with the court that a handful of other counties would also have to subtract votes they added in the second and third counts of the disputed governor's race if King County's are set aside.

The problem with his reasoning is that he fails to consider that King County has now "found" extra ballots nine times since election day in various odd places. These ballots were not in secure locations and were accessible to any number of people. They could have easily been altered if legitimate in the first place. In King County's case there are over 700 extra ballots now in the mix. The other counties had very small changes to their totals through the second and third counts.

John Fund has the best account of the situation to this point in the Wall Street Journal.


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