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10 January 2005

GOP Hijinks Snag Opponent in MA

State GOP officials in MA have snagged several likely web addresses a future opponent would probably use in running against Republican Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney in 2006.

While it's not clear how much damage this really does to Attorney General Tom Reilly's likely bid as Democrat challenger, it does start to get the players fired up pretty early in the 2006 election season.

The Republicans are in a tough spot now- if they lose the governorship to the Dems it becomes a one-party state in every sense. The GOP has few of its own in the legislature this year and if it wants that to change it will have to start now.

(Boston Herald)

Attorney General Tom Reilly's campaign for governor is already feeling the bad end of that whole snooze-and-lose adage.
Party-crashing state Republicans have scooped up four of the obvious Web site names Reilly would use if he launches - as expected - a campaign for governor in a couple months.
The state Republican Party last week officially registered its name under the Web sites for,, and
The GOP hasn't put any content on the sites yet but nobody should expect the sites to be Reilly-friendly.
``Nothing's been planned out,'' said GOP Executive Director Tim O'Brien, confirming his Web-squatting move to the Herald. ``It was bought with the intention to have some fun if he is indeed the nominee.''
O'Brien registered the Web sites Wednesday, a simple Web-based move that cost the state party a total of about $200, he said.
Reilly's office wasn't pleased.
``I think it is a little early (for Republicans) to be this worried,'' said Reilly adviser Stephen Bilafer.


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