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10 January 2005

What We Need is Hammer Control

Aren't hammers just as dangerous as guns? Why not ban them? Won't that stop hammer crimes once and for all?

(Boston Herald)
One day after his March 2002 release from jail for attacking a man with a hammer, Craig Powell of Dorchester allegedly returned to the man's apartment and finished the job.
That, according to police, is how Gerard Bannon, 45, died of head trauma as he sat in his favorite recliner in his basement apartment at 2175 Dorchester Ave. in Lower Mills. Powell, 43, is slated to begin his trial today in Suffolk Superior Court for the first-degree murder of Bannon.
On Friday, Judge Margot Botsford, prosecutor Mark Hallal and defense attorney Fran Robinson chose 10 of the 16 jurors needed for the trial that will last about two weeks. Jury selection will continue Monday, and opening statements are expected to be delivered tomorrow.


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