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21 April 2006

CBS Radio, Opie & Anthony, Howard Stern, David Lee Roth


On Opie & Anthony Coverage, Complete Media Absurdity

After a full week of obsessing over the fate of Howard Stern's former FM morning show timeslot, the mainstream media is now engulfed by news satellite jocks Opie & Anthony will replace David Lee Roth on seven CBS Radio stations.

One problem: why does the story matter?

Today, even Catholic League President William Donohue got into the act, saying the shock-jock duo has been "forgiven" for their infamous 2002 sex-in-church stunt that got them canned in New York City.

It seems nobody can resist jumping in front of this parade!

Since their ugly New York implosion, Opie & Anthony have been largely forgotten, languishing on satellite radio.

In my latest Inside Radio column, the hype factor is explored in-depth.

What's going on? Can anyone explain why this matters?

Meanwhile, KSFO/San Francisco morning host Melanie Morgan's latest WorldNetDaily column has also been published, with a plea for conservatives to stick together. Read it here.

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  • The "big" deal is that radio is trying to re-capture Stern's old audience. They didn't follow en masse to Sirius. They didn't listen to DLR. So where did they go? Let's not forget that these "missing" fans are rich in everyone's favorite demo, 18-34 Males.

    It's true this deal covers "only" 7 stations. But those stations cover 20%, if not more, of the country. And if O&A do improve the ratings picture, you can be sure they'll be picking up Howard's old affiliates.

    By Blogger BF, at 21 April, 2006 15:11  

  • I haven't forgotten about O and A. In fact I got XM a few years ago and found out O and A were on there. There show has never been better. They've grown out of stupid little silly bits and I believe they deserve more attention for whats happening because they are replacing howard stern. Not only are they replacing someone who hated them and has admitted it they are going back to a company where they were fired for being over the top and out doing howard.

    In the end it seems howard lost. he has few listeners not that i know what o and a have but it sure as heck gonna be a larger audience now that they are back on terresterial radio.

    I think its howard no one cares about anymore. David lee roth won't even bee a footnote.

    By Blogger -andrew, at 21 April, 2006 15:13  

  • "No one ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American Public."

    H.L Mencken

    By Blogger Lokki, at 21 April, 2006 16:08  

  • Two words:
    Morning Sedition

    By Blogger WHT, at 21 April, 2006 23:25  

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    By Blogger Det_John_Kimbal, at 23 April, 2006 12:24  

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    By Blogger A.S., at 23 April, 2006 12:46  

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    By Blogger Steve from Yellowstone, at 23 April, 2006 12:51  

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    By Blogger Det_John_Kimbal, at 23 April, 2006 12:56  

  • Maloney wrote:Opie himself is said to have told the Long Island Press earlier this year, "we went from having a show that was syndicated in 17 major markets to having a few thousand listeners."

    Wow, this is taken so far out of context that it destroys the credibility of the rest of the article.

    By Blogger Colin, at 23 April, 2006 13:27  

  • Suck Stern's ass much, Brian?

    By Blogger Eternal, at 23 April, 2006 14:25  

  • As a very loyal Opie and Anthony fan, I am writing to you to express my disdain for your recent article about their return to terrestrial radio. It appears to me that you seem to have a very strong bias against "O&A." Now whether this bias comes from past stunts on their show that have offended you or a personal attachment to other popular radio personalities, I do not know. But what I do know is that despite your personal feelings about them and their past downfalls, O&A have and continue to become increasingly successful. How many radio personalities actually become more successful after getting fired not once, but twice? Surely, there must be more to their show then just the pranks and stunts that garner the most media attention. People like to downplay their success, but it is becoming more and more difficult to ignore that O&A are becoming the "top dogs" in both terrestrial and satellite radio at the same time, something no one else has ever done before (even by other personalities who claim to be "pioneers" and "innovators" of radio). You may be biased against O&A, but give credit where credit is due, and O&A certainly deserve more credit for being continuously successful than you're giving them.

    And I'm guessing that your snide comment about the loyalty of O&A's fanbase was written after the recent news of the DirecTV deal. On April 17th, 2006, DirecTV had removed O&A's satellite feed from their channel list, but due to an overwhelming response by DirecTV customers demanding O&A's return, DirecTV has once again added O&A's show to their channel list starting this week, and it only took less than a week to persuade them to bring O&A back to DirecTV. Now that is a loyal fanbase you cannot deny. The only equivalent I can even think of to such an unprecedented occurrence is when FOX brought back Family Guy, and that took many months and millions of dollars spent on DVD sales to do. And I have a feeling that you're currently experiencing just how loyal O&A fans are. Thank you for your time.

    By Blogger Glenn, at 23 April, 2006 14:37  

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    Also sad when some Stern intern posts articles and hides behind the picture of a mentally-challenged individual. As one-sided as the article was, that's the only conclusion I can make.

    bring me a retarded lad and a glass dildo!

    Oh by the way, I lied when I said I read and understood the TOS Agreement. I did neither really.


    By Blogger Cougar hunter, at 23 April, 2006 15:50  

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    step 2 - put down the twinkies.

    step 3 - do some sit-ups.

    By Blogger N-Cook, at 23 April, 2006 16:20  

  • Are you really that stupid, you head-looks-like-a-big-toe motherfucker?

    Do you really need to have someone explain why this is such a big story?

    Do you?

    By Blogger Eternal, at 23 April, 2006 16:41  

  • Congrats, you have managed to do what every other journalist was doing TWO years ago, you shitdick. You wrote an article bashing Opie and Anthony and used the same two examples everyone does. You sir are a genius!

    Go back to licking Sterns balls.


    By Blogger Steve From Yellowstone, at 23 April, 2006 16:53  

  • I hope you slip and crack your skull in a puddle of AIDS.

    By Blogger Bald Faggot, at 23 April, 2006 17:06  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Blogger fraternalmarshmellow, at 23 April, 2006 17:08  

  • Hello sir,
    I read your article about Opie and Anthony and I think you need to be cooorrrected on several points. But I'll address only 2.

    1. You made a mistake questioning their fans loyalty.

    One thing you and most of those who never listen don't realize is that the show has a very 'cult like'
    following. This is largely due to the highly interactive show the boys give us. It's not just O&A and comedians, it's also the fans that contribute and often navigate the direction of the show. Not to mention that the show goes on 24/7 because of the fans and such mediums as Paltalk, pest poker, pest attacks such as this is, message boards etc. etc.

    It's an
    O&A experience, not just a radio show. It's quite beyond radio really. Not even Stern has ever reached such a level of interaction with his fans!

    2. People who are not fans will want to keep listening to the xm extended show because O&A have a 'soap opera like' show and once you get hooked you don't want to miss a word, that's what they mean by 'The O&A Virus".

    Their show is unique and innovative because of their highly interactive nature with the listeners and also
    their soap opera on-going themes that the listener always wants to be in the know about.

    I'm sad to see yet another uninformed lazy reporter, such as yourself, editorializing his own bias rather than telling the truth.

    Good day sir!

    By Blogger fraternalmarshmellow, at 23 April, 2006 17:09  

  • I bought Sirius so I would be able to hear Howard Stern when I'm out on my boat.

    By Blogger -Scott from Modesto, at 23 April, 2006 17:12  

  • My daddy will kick your ass for talking about the boys like this.

    By Blogger Little Connor Peterson, at 23 April, 2006 18:58  

  • I am happy for Opie & Anthony and believe CBS and XM will succeed with this move. Critics are quick to describe the O&A Show as only consisting of immaturity, vulgarity, lewdness & sex. Opie and Anthony's talents are well recognized by fans who witness their creativity, wit, honesty, and smart cutting-edge humor on a daily basis. There is much more to the O&A show than what critics give them credit for. They can discuss a wide variety of topics -music, sex, politics & current events with the same skill that made them notorius for their 'dirty' humor. The show is not meant for everyone. However, new listeners should give them a chance and should not be misled by the critics; You'll be pleasantly surprised.

    By Blogger rk, at 23 April, 2006 19:43  


    By Blogger steven from wyoming, at 23 April, 2006 20:09  

  • "And even if you do happen to be a big fan, why pay for XM when three hours will now be free on your local FM station?"
    Hey cock snot...Many of us don't live in the Apple...XM is our source for O&A. So what if I pay..I'm also getting over 150 channels of music when they are not on! Can you do that on free FM? Didn't think some damn research before you obloviate!

    By Blogger Gasadamalinga, at 23 April, 2006 21:23  

  • A wiseman once said, "O&A Party Rock." Sit on that for awhile. I've read your articles and I regret to inform you that they are not Thantastic which is quite a shame. You got Whammied. You lose. Good day Sir!

    By Blogger MeatBosoms, at 23 April, 2006 22:21  

  • hoo hoo i invented horrible researched articles!

    hoo hoo i invented ass kissing and biased thoughts!

    cbs fired the boys, but yet are bringing them back....maybe its me

    direct tv took the boys off the channel lineup, week later brings them back....huh!

    By Blogger hoohoohowie, at 24 April, 2006 00:18  

  • Mistakes in History:
    1- The Hindenberg
    2- New Formula Coke
    3- Red Sox Trading Babe Ruth
    4- Japan attacking Peral Harbor
    5- Brian Maloney and is unresearched article

    By the time you have read this your co-workers will have called you 5 head 36 times already.

    PS New Hampshire sucks.

    By Blogger Tookie Williams, at 24 April, 2006 00:52  

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