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20 April 2006

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MSNBC Host Backs UCSC Deceit

While the Radio Equalizer expects little in the way of integrity from MSNBC "Countdown" host Keith Olbermann, Monday's "Worst Person in the World" award represented a fresh program low. (Expose The Left has segment video here)

By leaving out a key detail, Olbermann effectively slandered "winner" Michelle Malkin. Did she really disclose personal contact information for unhinged UC-Santa Cruz anti-military recruiting protestors?

They've been responsible for a several recent violent incidents on campus. In addition, they may have inspired a series of attacks against churches and individuals in neighborhoods unlucky enough to exist beneath the university.

Yet the local media seems perplexed by the "conservative backlash" these incidents have generated.

Sure enough, Malkin did release their numbers, but the information came straight from a "Students Against War" press release.

Sleazy Olbermann, increasingly desperate to close the wide ratings gap with Bill O'Reilly, failed to mention that key point. Nor did he find time to say that Malkin is a FOX News analyst and regular O'Reilly Factor guest.

Since then, Malkin has received threats from supporters of the violent protestors, which she has directly confronted on her website.

Given these sleazy antics, Olbermann may very well appear a prime candidate for a UCSC professorship, right next to ancient, violent radical Angela Davis. At the very least, he provides an excellent "role model" for student protestors, who've since tried to rewrite history, pretending they hadn't included their personal information in the initial SAW press release.

As a UCSC alum (Cowell College- International Politics) and having grown up in Santa Cruz County (a very rare combination), it's been strange, yet fascinating to watch conservatives at the national level battle the same forces we once fought locally.

In 1993, your Radio Equalizer began in Monterey Bay Area talk radio, hosting shows that often focused on fighting campus moonbats. After fellow host Daryl Alan Gault began to call it "UCk SuCk", the name began to catch on in the community.

Except in its first few, idealistic years, UC-Santa Cruz has been a government-run con game, where it always has the last laugh. How long will taxpayers continue to fund a failed academic experiment, one that only grows more radical as the years pass?

Even the bratty "rebels" UCSC has traditionally attracted, primarily upper-middle class suburbanites from Southern California, are in on the scam: they call it "Uncle Charlie's Summer Camp".

When the campus was small, under 10,000 students, it was merely an annoyance in tiny Santa Cruz County (population 250,000, second-smallest in land area behind San Francisco). While locals had long ago given up dreams of a university that could be a source of community pride, there was hope it could at least cease to be a full-blown civic black eye.

As UCSC, now over 15,000 students and sadly destined to further spread like a virus above the city, community groups must now resort to lawsuits in an almost-futile attempt to keep this arrogant and imperialistic state-run menace in check.

Taxpayer scandals, such as a major flap over a $600,000 chancellor's home remodel featuring a $30,000 dog-walking track, have not brought reform to the perpetually-troubled university.

As this increasingly-tyrannical campus sucks the life out of Santa Cruz County, residents are often caught on the wrong end of these brats and their latest tantrums. And the community seems to have little idea how to stop the violence, vandalism and hate that so often originates on campus.

For a true deer- caught-in- headlights viewpoint, get a load of this Santa Cruz Sentinel editorial, which addresses recent incidents where students are thought to be involved:

There seems to be no end in sight from vandalism.

Recent cases of vandalism around Santa Cruz have involved more than just malicious mischief. The defacing of some sport utility vehicles on the Westside of Santa Cruz last weekend had a so-called "political" aspect to it.

As one contributor to the Sentinel's online "Editors' Notebook" wrote: "All the vandals needed to do was ask themselves a simple question: 'Will slashing tires and scrawling paint cause SUV owners to turn in their vehicles?' The answer is an obvious and resounding 'no.'"

There's plenty of other vandalism around town. There might be a variety of reasons for it — frustration, political and/or religious beliefs or just the thrill of getting away with it.

But we think it's time for the city to take notice. Vandalism is a serious problem; the City Council ought to consider a study session with its Police Department and brainstorm ideas as to how to bring the problem under control.

Boy, that's telling them! In Santa Cruz, the chickens have come home to roost and even the local daily is afraid to take them on.

Of the increasing danger it faces from politically-motivated violence, is Santa Cruz in denial? Perhaps in the past, but probably not now.

What's it like to watch from afar one's hometown slowly collapse? It's not easy, but with a substantial area population decrease since 2000, we're also not alone. There are Santa Cruz refugees scattered across the country.

Because of poor economic conditions imposed by local leaders (installed by previous moonbat UCSC students), young people and families are increasingly forced out of the area. While the campus builds whatever it likes, the area housing supply is tightly regulated, leading to Carmel-like home prices.

For those who can afford to stay, the area's quality of life has plunged under the weight of social engineering, leading to horrible traffic, deteriorating schools and a lack of respect for others (and most certainly their private property).

While there may be no hope for the long-doomed university campus, it's sad to see Santa Cruz also rapidly heading past the point of no return, simply because the UCSC virus continues to spread unchecked.

As for Olbermann, his punishment should be a 90-day stay in any residence occupied by UCSC students. After a few days around these brats, his tune will surely change.

Will he then name himself "The Worst Person in the World"?

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  • As far as I'm concerned about BLOWBERMAN--the next time he is offered some kind of sporting event--IT SHOULD BE COVERING POKER IN SIBERIA!!!


    By Blogger The Real Bob Anthony, at 20 April, 2006 07:28  

  • personally, i don't think malkin is the WORST person in the world, although she's definitely in the top 5. her blog is ridiculous. you rarely find more than 3 paragraphs that she wrote herself. anyone can cut and paste from other articles. i hardly call that journalism. and i read her columns often, and i rarely find any numbers or other figures to back up her points. most of the time it is just commentary, but people take it as the truth.

    By Blogger liberal outlaw, at 20 April, 2006 09:23  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Blogger, at 20 April, 2006 14:28  

  • One can only wonder at what things would be like had the original planned site for the central coast UC campus - in the Almaden Valley area of San Jose - had come to pass instead of the current Cowell Ranch site.

    At that time, Santa Cruz was much, MUCH more conservative and insular, and not existing as it is today, a combination bedroom community for San Jose and hippie magnet.

    Maybe you can start a movement to merge UCSC with the new CSU campus at Fort Ord - you'll have the double benefit of removing UCSC from Santa Cruz and will also be locking up those snot-nosed brats on a former military post and thus their activities will be subject to much closer scrutiny.

    By Blogger JD, at 20 April, 2006 21:45  

  • James, I quite agree, I understand when UC officials visited both sites in the late fifties, it came down to the weather that day, Santa Cruz won by a hair.

    Imagine if Surf City could have avoided this sad fate.

    Santa Cruz today reminds me of Back To The Future II, where Biff's alternate 1985 has the town as a scary slum that revolves around his sleazy casino.

    Biff's tyrannical regime is loaded with slot machines, while UCSC has latte-sipping professors and suburban brats with hippie bumper stickers on expensive cars.

    Same evil, different package.

    By Blogger Brian Maloney, at 22 April, 2006 23:56  

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