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28 February 2011

Lefties Laugh While Airing Audio Of Fox Reporter's Attack


'Progressives' Find Attack On Reporter Funny

Courtesy of libtalker Stephanie Miller and Eric Boehlert of Media Matters, enjoy today's example of "progressive" civility. Who knew a reporter being attacked while covering an angry (leftist) mob could be so funny?

It's a real laff riot!

Listen as Miller, her producer and Boehlert yuk it up while airing audio of Fox News reporter Mike Tobin surrounded by a hostile crowd of Madison liberals:

STEPHANIE MILLER (28 FEB 2011 - 13:51): All right Mike Tobin and Gregg Jarrett on Fox News:

WI PROTESTERS: Fox News lies.

GREG JARRETT: You know Mike I hate to put you in this situation because you’re being surrounded there and yeah you’re being heckled and there is profanity.

MIKE TOBIN: A guy just hit me!

LAVOIE: Ha ha ha.

Why do they express such vitriol toward the media?



MIKE TOBIN: You know, I don’t know what they intend to [Miller laughing in the background] accomplish by it, but they definitely as you can see by covering up the cameras they want to shut down the communication.

MILLER: HA! No, they didn’t say 'the media', they said 'Fox News.'

BOEHLERT: I didn’t hear any Washington, I didn’t see any Washington Post demonstrations etc. Now this is I was just looking at some clips of this and then later over at some point over the weekend he and this reporter and Geraldo had an on-air pity party and the reporter talked about how these protesters, just hate free speech and hate diversity of viewpoint and you can see the hatred in their eyes.

[Miller laughing in the background]

You just have to laugh. I mean this coming from someone who works for a station that essentially concocts hate on an hourly basis. They’re stunned when they go out into the real world when they venture beyond they’re right wing bubble you know that people don’t like them and they’re going to express them with free speech. So yeah, it’s been kind of funny to watch.

MILLER: Oh my God that was first of all I didn’t hear any obscenities. The only obscenity I heard was Fox. I don’t think ha!

LAVOIE: And did you hear in the middle of there Mike Tobin said ‘someone just hit me someone just hit me.’

MILLER: Yeah, oh sure they did yeah, those violent thugs you know.

BOEHLERT: That later became 'he was assaulted' if you go on the blogosphere. You know look no one should be hitting any reporters or anything like that. But it’s kind of unusual if you’re a TV reporter with a camera and you’re claiming or your allies are claiming that you were assaulted, there should probably be some video of that. But there hasn’t been so the right wing bloggers, this whole thing the right wing blogosphere is upset with finding this violence that they can’t really find.

MILLER: I know.

As you can see, they've given themselves cover by claiming the attack never occurred. How does this contribute to the "civility" our "progressive" friends have preached since the Tucson shootings?

Are the airwaves being used to promote violence against those who resist their far-left agenda?

26 February 2011

Barney Frank: Cut Money For Afghan Schools, Hospitals, Roads


When Did Dems Give Up On Rebuilding Afghanistan?

After years of pushing the idea that a lack of Western aid had encouraged terrorism in Afghanistan, Democrats have sneakily turned 180 degrees in the other direction, now attacking Republicans for supporting efforts to build roads, schools and hospitals.

According to Barney Frank, who has suddenly reinvented himself as a budget hawk, that $1.5b in spending should be sent home, where it can happily join trillions Obamists have already wasted on cronies in government, unions and banking.

Is there a union boss waiting for a phone call from Barney so he can begin a "shovel-ready" project ?

We've heard Dems rail against our military presence there, but now they're fighting the country's reconstruction as well?

We certainly haven't forgotten Senator Patty Murray's (D-WA) now-infamous lecture to schoolchildren on how terrorists such as bin Laden had been "out in these countries for decades, building schools, building roads, building infrastructure, building day care facilities, building health care facilities, and the people are extremely grateful. We haven't done that."

Apparently, because there's corruption in the country (is that a NEW problem there?) we should give up on Afghan schoolchildren.

From yesterday's Ed Schultz Show (guest host filling-in):

And we'd been led to believe Republicans were against helping others, thanks for setting that straight, Barney!

24 February 2011

OOPS! Sharpton Guest Doesn't Back Michelle Obama's Public Rib Feast


Aren't Rush, Sharpton Guest Making Same Point?


After days of bashing Rush Limbaugh for his supposedly racist "ribbing" of Michelle Obama over her hypocritical meal choices, the Al Sharpton Show was left in an embarrassing position after one of the Reverend's friends made essentially the same point.

When Michelle Obama lectures others on food choices, then feasts on greasy ribs, isn't that worth noting? Isn't she setting herself up for criticism? Isn't this obvious to all?

In the first clip below, Sharpton's fill-in host claims Rush has insulted ALL black women somehow, while in the second, guest/Sharpton confidant Karen Hunter says she believes Michelle should have HIDDEN the ribs from view to avoid blowback!

But Hunter's more important point is clear: after lecturing others about nutrition, Michelle asked for this one:

FILL-IN HOST ANDRE EGGLESTON (Wed 23 Feb 2011): Some foreign policy we’ve had in the Middle East and now that everything is erupting because of ten years worth of wanton neglect. Ten years of worth of financing these despotic regimes and so much so that they became so harsh on their own people that the people have now revolted and brought about revolution all over the Middle East and then you want to blame the President for that. And as if blaming the President is not good enough for you, you’ve got pundits sitting on the air, talking about Rush Limbaugh taking shots at the First Lady of the United States.

Have you no decency sir at all? No decency? Calling the First Lady Fat, you know what, I don’t look at this as just a shot at the First Lady, I look at this at a shot at all black women. For years black women have been told, you’re ugly. You don’t measure up to beauty standards. You know and he does this on nationwide radio. I’m insulted. 877 532 5797 and you should be too particularly if you are a black female.

GUEST KAREN HUNTER (24 Feb 2011) (33:33): I applaud Michelle Obama. I love that she’s out there. I loved that she jumped double-dutch.

I was a little disappointed that she had to eat those ribs because you know you're under scrutiny and not that she can’t eat ribs, she has the right to eat ribs, but you leave yourself open because you have to know these people are watching your every single move. She could have had those ribs sent to her room or something. She didn’t have to eat them in public.

Flak goes far beyond Sharpton's show: Rush has been slammed by media lefties from coast-to-coast after making an obvious point. To fuel their movement, "progressives" need to keep the OUTRAGE (!!!) machine cranked to the max at all times. But this flap is beyond silly.

UPDATE- a caller later challenged Sharpton and Michelle Obama on their seeming hypocrisy:

KEVIN IN RALEIGH (1:50): I wanted to say what I think she [Michelle Obama] is doing is great, but I think your co-host had it exactly right. When she [Karen Hunter] said we could not legislate behavior cause when you start doing that, even though is something good as time goes on that doesn’t mean that people that get in that position in the future will behave in the same way. So it’s best not to start it.

AL SHARPTON: Now I don’t disagree with that, but I don’t think she’s legislating behavior.

KEVIN IN RALEIGH: Well she’s [Michelle Obama] in a leadership position and they provide funding for certain things.

SHARPTON: But but but legislating as I see it, if she (Michelle Obama) was legislating behavior, they would make certain foods illegal or certain things illegal, that is not what she’s saying. What they’re saying is that she’s telling people to eat healthy and saying that in terms of certain diets that government provides like free lunch and all we ought not be providing citizens with things that are less than nutritional. That’s not a law against that. That’s saying we’re not going to provide that.

SHARPTON (5:34): Maybe I’m not speaking good English. When someone encourages school districts and other places to buy healthy items and to say we should emphasize what is healthy that is not legislating what other people, anything that is making a recommendation, that’s like saying we’re going to have checkups available or or or we’re going to check for diabetes in in in schools. That is seeking good health! What are we talking about here?

KEVIN IN RALEIGH: Rev. Al, I don’t disagree with what she’s (Michelle Obama) doing in principle, but I just don’t think it’s something that should come from our government.

SHARPTON: All right thank you. I disagree!

MSNBC Libtalker: Pay Teachers $300K, 'Conservatives Getting More Stupid'


Schultz: No Dissenting Callers On My Show!

How is it that one of liberal talk radio's loudest proponents of the Fairness Doctrine is himself unwilling to take calls from those who disagree?

After a series of recent abrupt, mid-sentence hang-ups on dissenters, MSNBC Libtalker Ed Schultz tried to justify his hypocritical policy to radio listeners earlier this week. Then, as if to make your Radio Equalizer's job ridiculously easy, he packed two bonus absurdities into a 30-second sound bite:

ED SCHULTZ (53:11): I'm not going to let people come on and lie. The Lutes [Wisconsin teachers who'd appeared as program guests] make $51,000 a year. You want to throw in the benefit package, it comes to $137,000.

I don't care, make it a hundred and fifty! Well, make it two hundred! I think they should pay teachers three hundred grand a year! I don't care! That's just part of the issue. The issue is restricting freedom of the workplace to collectively bargain.

Have you noticed that conservatives are getting, like, more stupid?

This from a guy who's terrified of on-air debate. Yes, Big Eddie, we're stupid, you're a genius. Feel better?

19 February 2011

MSNBC Libtalker Flunks Truth-O-Meter, But Slams Others


Outed As Liar, Schultz Points Fingers At Paul Ryan

MSNBC libtalker Ed Schultz may have flunked a newspaper's Truth-O-Meter, but he's a master of the Ego-Meter! The needle's moving right off the scale.

Just two days after being outed as a liar by the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel / St Petersburg Times / Politifact, an unfazed Schultz pointed fingers elsewhere, claiming instead it was Rep Paul Ryan (R-WI) engaged in fibbing over state budget troubles.

While Politifact rejected Big Eddie's claim that Wisconsin state workers would take a 20% haircut under Governor Scott Walker's budget proposal, Schultz claimed Ryan was a "flat-out liar" when discussing current public sector contribution levels.

Fellow MSNBC libtalker Rachel Maddow has also been taken to task this week for untrue statements about the state's supposed "budget surplus".

Later, when a caller attempted to challenge his rhetoric, Schultz immediately hung up, barely allowing the man to finish a sentence. It's the very definition of talk radio malpractice.

From Thursday's syndicated radio show, the first clip shows him attacking Ryan, while the second features the cowardly hang-up:

ED SCHULTZ (46:27): He is basically saying state workers, which has extremely generous benefit packages relative to the private sector counterparts, they contribute next to nothing to their pensions, very very little in their health care packages, that's what Ryan said! And he responded, the governor, he's asking that they contribute about 12 percent of their health care premiums, which is about half of the private sector average, and about 5.6 percent of their pensions. It's not asking a lot. It's still about half of what the private sector pensions do and health care packages do. The guy, he's a flat-out liar!

The chairman of the House budget committee is nothing but a liar! There's no question about it! That is absolute false information! That's why we are in Madison with 'The Ed Show' tonight on MSNBC. Because the truth is the truth. And the truth is that if you've got a cleaning job, you need Bio Green Clean ... [then promotes product with company founder as guest]

And here's the caller who dared to disagree:

ED SCHULTZ (31:20): [abruptly hangs up on caller] See you later, Dennis, I don't have time for numskulls on my show. We're moving this country forward. You people are the child left behind, OK? Now this is exactly why, I'm not going to, I'm not going to play combat radio and be interrogated by some jackass right-winger who doesn't know his ass from third base. I'm not going to do it! You know what, I don't have to do it!

Is Schultz an effective leader for the "progressive" cause? Lefties don't seem to be doing much soul-searching. Instead, he's the subject of silly Maddow / Franken-esque fluff pieces, as seen in New York (which focuses on his seasonal beverage selections).

16 February 2011

Libtalker Threatens Andrew Breitbart


'Progressive' Vitriol Reaches New Extremes

Is it just us, or do our "progressive" friends seem angrier than ever? Just yesterday, we noted Thom Hartmann's nasty finger-pointing after reading a desperate man's suicide note. And now, fellow syndicated / satellite libtalker Mike Malloy has cranked the vitriol right up to "11".

Sure, Malloy's infamous for his "violence fantasies", with past outbursts targeting Dana Perino, Matt Drudge, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and others. But Wednesday evening's tirade against Andrew Breitbart (shown right) has moved into a whole new category of hate.

Breitbart is back in the news this week as the subject of one of his investigations has filed a lawsuit against him.

Listen as Malloy threatens Breitbart before carrying out a sustained series of personal attacks against the conservative activist:

MIKE MALLOY (04:00): Remember Shirley Sherrod, the uh former Agriculture Department employee who was attacked in the media by another piece of white scum, Andrew Breitbart? She's decided to sue him - uh, she's African American - she initially lost her job - everybody jumped all over her because of a piece of evidence - and edited videotape that the meaning of which had been completely changed by this right-wing piece of human excrement, this Breitbart thug!


MALLOY (04:50): Remember, these right wing scum - these are neo-Nazis! If I ever come across Andrew Breitbart, uh, there will be um, nastiness occur! Let me just put it that way - I hate these people!

I - I mean, just viscerally, deep in my gut just thoroughly! So he attacks this women - isn't this the truth though? Isn't this what right-wing white male conservatives always do - they attack women? And when they launch attacks against men, it's usually in a cowardly stinking uh way a remote - saying things about them - and then running and hiding behind their corporate uh skirts of their - their their masters and - I don't know [laughs]

I'm telling you, this is not going to be a good program! Um, anyway, um Breitbart is the worst of the worst - he's like a lot of these right-wing bloggers - there's nothing that he can do that's legitimate so he makes stuff up!

This is what they - this is what the right-wing does in this country now - this is why the right-wing needs to be stomped into the ground, they really do! The right wing needs to be crushed in the United States like a cockroach, the right-wing needs to be ground into the dirt! I'm telling you, they are destroying the country!


MALLOY (06:51):
This pig bastard Breitbart was served with papers Saturday at the Conservative Political Action Conference, we're all here aren't we?


MALLOY (07:20):
The pig bastard Breitbart issued a statement - he said quote ' I can promise you this - neither I or my journalistic website or can be silenced by the institutional left which is obviously funding this lawsuit!'

That's what he said! That's what he said! You lying son of a bitch! Andrew Breitbart -what a piece of human excrement! Do you have a mother, Breitbart? Were you raised by human beings? Seriously!

Now you'll get this message, because your little cockroach colleagues in the right-wing blogosphere are busily recording every word! WE'LL GET IT RIGHT YOU LITTLE BASTARDS!

The question to Breitbart - did you have parents? Were you brought up in - in- in an outhouse someplace in a toilet, in a public urinal? Did you have parents? And this is how they raised you to deliberately and maliciously attack a woman for sport, you pig? Is this how your parents brought you up? Shame on you Breitbart! And I bet your parents are just - just - if they're still living - hang their heads in shame about what a piece of human waste they raised! Who was your family like, Breitbart? What was it like? What was your family life like, you bastard?

Again, to the "ignore them and they'll go away" crowd: should Malloy's threats really be disregarded because the audience is small?

What if just one nut is inspired enough by his program to attack one of these targets? Should we take that chance?

Libtalker Hartmann Blames Republicans For Man's Suicide


Libtalker: GOP 'Murderers' Caused Man's Death

Always seeking new ways to demonize non-believers, our "progressive" friends are prone to over-the-top rhetoric. But one libtalker's reaction to a desperate individual's letter may represent a fresh new low.

During his program yesterday, syndicated host Thom Hartmann exploited an unemployed man's apparent suicide note to accuse Republicans of "murder", even though the writer is clearly critical of the entire political establishment for failing to care about his future as benefits reached the dreaded 99-week mark.

Listen as Hartmann reads the man's (lengthy) letter, then twists its content to suit his own extreme agenda:

Hartmann may be further guilty of incomplete research and potentially falling for a hoax. Is this a real letter from a truly suicidal man? Who was/is he?

Its origins are certainly murky.

It's been slowly moving around the Internet for months, with a cluster of previous coverage in November of last year. And the website that claims to have discovered the note has since been shut down. Heading to the address generates nothing but an error message.

Hartmann indicates he saw it at (the otherwise brilliant financial site) Zero Hedge, where it was published Monday.

So, Thom, did Republicans kill a real man, or purely mythical figure? Either way, your reaction is truly ridiculous.

12 February 2011

Left Adopts New Anti-Talk Radio Strategy


The Smear Machine Switches Gears

It was inevitable: after wasting years in a futile effort to yank successful conservative talkers off the air, our "progressive" friends were left with no choice but to adopt a different strategy.

Luckily, they've found one: a new claim that right-leaning talk radio is 'dying'!

Until now, talkers were destroying America, but at the flick of a switch, they've suddenly become irrelevant! Or, they're still a menace, but nobody's listening, or something like that.

We'll let you know when they've straightened this out.

Leading the dubious new charge is little-known CNN contributor John Avlon (image, on the left), who happily rails against "wingnuts" while "progressives" salivate. Avlon's relatively unsuccessful books haven't put an end to his crusade against conservatives and (especially) talkers.

Earlier this week, Avlon was at it again, using The Daily Beast to claim looming troubles for Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and others.

The evidence? Thin, to say the least: a narrow, year-over-year ratings comparison (singling out a single month) in one city, plus a couple of lineup changes elsewhere that affected Hannity and Beck. Those in the radio industry have been hearing "conservative talk is doomed" predictions (by liberal "industry experts") at every convention panel since Rush began in syndication.

With a self-serving plug for a slow-moving, low-rated NPR-like talk show where he often appears as a guest, Avlon takes the silliness a step further. And especially dishonest is his ongoing self-characterization as a "no-labels" moderate, despite using rhetoric identical to that of libtalkers and smear left sites:

JOHN AVLON: ...That's his game- and again, you can argue that Rush Limbaugh is an entertainer. The problem is, he's also a political leader. He's a political leader without real responsibilities, and we're living in a time where politics is following the talk radio model- conflict, tension, fear and resentment- and politicians are acting like talk radio hosts, in which there is no such thing as too extreme. So that's part of the cycle we're in right now- the cycle of incitement.

And sure enough, lefty sites and libtalkers are eating it up. From Thursday's show, here's Randi Rhodes citing Avlon's "evidence":

RANDI RHODES (07:55): And the only thing that makes me happy is that I think right-wing talk radio is over! Glenn Beck’s ratings are down fifty percent, which means Americans are only half as dumb as we thought, or half as dumb as Glenn Beck hoped?

RHODES (08:50): The powers that be would like to get rid of Mark Levin on their radio stations, but they can't, because Sean Hannity says things like, you know, if you take away Levin's show I'll pull mine too. And now they're saying that program directors across the country are going, you know we're not really sure that we care if he pulls his show, not really sure!

It is true that the radio industry has neglected to build a long-term bench of talent in-waiting. A half-dozen or so syndicated hosts and a smattering of local guys are about all the medium now has to offer. And managerial attempts at (almost always non-conservative) "fresh new voices" result in dubious moves (is Salt Lake City really in need of a radio hypnotist?)

The isolated developments cited by the left are hardly enough to be considered a trend, however. When Rush, Hannity, Levin and others have lost 100, 200 or 300 stations, we can talk. Until then, this is ridiculous.

10 February 2011

Libtalker: Michele Bachmann A 'Freak' And 'Loser'


'Progressives' Still Lead The Way In Hate-Talk

Thanks to their pompous "civility" lectures delivered after the Tucson shootings, our "progressive" friends have set themselves up for trouble every time one of their own reveals from where the real hate talk emanates.

In the latest example, a relatively straightforward speech by Rep Michele Bachmann (R-MN) triggered this ugly response from syndicated / satellite libtalker Randi Rhodes:

RANDI RHODES (21:55): OK. Shut up now. Go along. Go put on some makeup. Go find some shoes to match that stupid uh you know congresswoman's outfit that you got there. Go find some pearls. Go put on some big giant pins. You know.

Go! You freak! You loser! Who says things like that to the American people? I mean, are we truly free? Do you feel free? Twenty-one generations....and it's going to end now because he's - he's - he's black! He's a Democrat! And - I want power!

And to those in the "just ignore them, nobody's listening anyway" crowd, we'd like to point out that Rhodes is syndicated by the same firm that oversees Rush Limbaugh's show. In addition, she's carried on Sirius/XM Radio, which means a presence on Jet Blue flights and elsewhere across the country.

After an obnoxious, self-serving "civility" campaign, liberals deserve to have EVERY example of their own hate displayed for all to see.

08 February 2011

Ed Asner Trashes Obama, Says Wildlife Worse Off Than During Bush Presidency


Lefty Ed Asner Slams Barack's 'Corporatist' Ways

At this point, our "progressive" friends are divided into two camps: one mindlessly hooked on Obama Happy Pills and the other, a disillusioned lot who feel they've been hoodwinked.

Both were vividly displayed during Tuesday's Stephanie Miller Show as notorious Hollywood lefty Ed Asner revealed a distinct loathing of the Obamist presidency.

Listen as Miller is sorely disappointed after expecting the usual happy talk:

ED ASNER: I’m on the board of Defenders of Wildlife. At a recent board meeting the announcement was made for just wildlife alone the conditions are worse with this administration than they were when Bush was president and both houses were under Republican control.

MILLER: Now, how so why? What’s happening?

ED ASNER: Well, I guess you’ve got craven Democrats and you’ve got maniacal Republicans who are being infected by Tea Party candidates that got elected. I don’t know.

MILLER: But tell us more about the, what is the state of what’s happening and why in that regard with wildlife.

ED ASNER: Well, I think we’ve got another corporatist as president. That’s what I think. And I think he’s [Obama] behaving accordingly. It seems we can’t get away from a president who represents corporations more than people.

MILLER: You’re kind of harshing my buzz this morning Ed.

ED ASNER: I do what?

MILLER: You’re kind of harshing my buzz this morning, ha ha.

Compare Asner's "corporatist" complaint with Rush Limbaugh's recent monologue on GE's Jeffrey Immelt joining Obama's economic advisory team. Notice a pattern? Are both left and right equally frustrated with Barack's elitist Wall Street/banking buddies?

The new America: Obama's pals versus virtually everyone else.

04 February 2011

Rosie O'Donnell Attacks 'Arrogance' Of Western Reporters In Egypt


Shockingly Accurate Assessment Of Media's Role In Egypt

This has got to be a first: a Rosie O'Donnell rant that makes perfect sense! Better than that, she's truly nailed this one.

During yesterday's Rosie Radio, O'Donnell questioned the "arrogance" of pampered American media personalities who expect red carpet treatment in a war zone and are shocked with the locals fail to oblige.

Given the sad sight of CNN's Anderson Cooper holed up in a hotel room for fear of physical attack, let's hope some tough lessons have been learned.

From the program:

ROSIE O'DONNELL (18:42): I think there's some kind of arrogance about American reporters or even I'm considering Christiane Amanpour American even though she's British, correct? To go as an American-looking white Anglo-Saxon person in the middle of this mob in the Mideast and expect that you're going to get the kind of protection that your celebrity affords you in America, when America is mildly despised in the region. So, I think it's sort of surprising to me.

JANETTE BARBER (executive producer): That they're there, or--?

O'DONNELL: Well, that they're surprised that they're getting beat up or harassed.

Isn't it time for networks to re-think their desire to send ill-prepared prima donnas into violent hot spots?

As for Rosie, could this sort of common sense potentially become a habit? If so, count us in.

03 February 2011

MSNBC Libtalker Compares Regime Defenders To Fox News Fans


Ed Schultz: Mubarak Defenders Like Fox Viewers

Be careful, Big Eddie, you might need a job there someday!

After all, Sgt Schultz is probably one crazed meltdown away from being shown the door at Comcast-owned MSNBC.

So why attack Fox News as that "filthy building", comparing its viewers to Mubarak's Egyptian street thugs? Who knows, perhaps Ed's looking for a one-way ticket back to Fargo:

ED SCHULTZ (03:59): Can we assume that they are in thinking parallel to that of Fox watchers? [creepily lowers voice for emphasis] Think about this. These people who are out on the street with Mubarak, these loyalists, they've had it drilled into their head that life is good. They've had it drilled into their head that there is no other way. They've bought the propaganda. They've made a decision that they're willing to be confrontational.

Are these the haves out on the streets taking on the have-nots?

SCHULTZ (06:49): I think there's a parallel. I really do.

There's an even bigger parallel between Ed's situation and that of Keith Olbermann, with the latter just a few months ahead of our friend Sylvester The Cat's current career status.

02 February 2011

Reverend Al Sharpton Hypocritical In Talk Radio Censorship Debate


'Spar' With One Host, Censor Another

Is Al Sharpton poised to become Obama's Talk Radio Czar? Given his increasingly aggressive crusade against Rush Limbaugh, it sure looks that way.

Like every Sharpton scheme, however, there is more to the story than meets the eye. While he's publicly called for outright censorship of Limbaugh, saying "federal" airwaves should be regulated for content, the reverend has painted an entirely different picture during an interview with Sean Hannity that aired earlier this week.

IMPORTANT: it should be clear that Hannity was simply extending Sharpton a professional courtesy call across the aisle during the latter's program anniversary. Sharpton is the sole hypocrite here.

Note the decisive distinction between the hard line taken during yesterday's Ed Show and his celebration of free and open debate during Monday's Al Sharpton Show:

Visit for Rachel's blunders, The ghost of Keith Olbermann, and the unwatched Hardball with Chris Matthews

Is this really about Rush's supposed "racism", or a personal vendetta against the most successful talk host of all time? Only Reverend Al knows the answer.

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