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16 February 2011

Libtalker Threatens Andrew Breitbart


'Progressive' Vitriol Reaches New Extremes

Is it just us, or do our "progressive" friends seem angrier than ever? Just yesterday, we noted Thom Hartmann's nasty finger-pointing after reading a desperate man's suicide note. And now, fellow syndicated / satellite libtalker Mike Malloy has cranked the vitriol right up to "11".

Sure, Malloy's infamous for his "violence fantasies", with past outbursts targeting Dana Perino, Matt Drudge, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and others. But Wednesday evening's tirade against Andrew Breitbart (shown right) has moved into a whole new category of hate.

Breitbart is back in the news this week as the subject of one of his investigations has filed a lawsuit against him.

Listen as Malloy threatens Breitbart before carrying out a sustained series of personal attacks against the conservative activist:

MIKE MALLOY (04:00): Remember Shirley Sherrod, the uh former Agriculture Department employee who was attacked in the media by another piece of white scum, Andrew Breitbart? She's decided to sue him - uh, she's African American - she initially lost her job - everybody jumped all over her because of a piece of evidence - and edited videotape that the meaning of which had been completely changed by this right-wing piece of human excrement, this Breitbart thug!


MALLOY (04:50): Remember, these right wing scum - these are neo-Nazis! If I ever come across Andrew Breitbart, uh, there will be um, nastiness occur! Let me just put it that way - I hate these people!

I - I mean, just viscerally, deep in my gut just thoroughly! So he attacks this women - isn't this the truth though? Isn't this what right-wing white male conservatives always do - they attack women? And when they launch attacks against men, it's usually in a cowardly stinking uh way a remote - saying things about them - and then running and hiding behind their corporate uh skirts of their - their their masters and - I don't know [laughs]

I'm telling you, this is not going to be a good program! Um, anyway, um Breitbart is the worst of the worst - he's like a lot of these right-wing bloggers - there's nothing that he can do that's legitimate so he makes stuff up!

This is what they - this is what the right-wing does in this country now - this is why the right-wing needs to be stomped into the ground, they really do! The right wing needs to be crushed in the United States like a cockroach, the right-wing needs to be ground into the dirt! I'm telling you, they are destroying the country!


MALLOY (06:51):
This pig bastard Breitbart was served with papers Saturday at the Conservative Political Action Conference, we're all here aren't we?


MALLOY (07:20):
The pig bastard Breitbart issued a statement - he said quote ' I can promise you this - neither I or my journalistic website or can be silenced by the institutional left which is obviously funding this lawsuit!'

That's what he said! That's what he said! You lying son of a bitch! Andrew Breitbart -what a piece of human excrement! Do you have a mother, Breitbart? Were you raised by human beings? Seriously!

Now you'll get this message, because your little cockroach colleagues in the right-wing blogosphere are busily recording every word! WE'LL GET IT RIGHT YOU LITTLE BASTARDS!

The question to Breitbart - did you have parents? Were you brought up in - in- in an outhouse someplace in a toilet, in a public urinal? Did you have parents? And this is how they raised you to deliberately and maliciously attack a woman for sport, you pig? Is this how your parents brought you up? Shame on you Breitbart! And I bet your parents are just - just - if they're still living - hang their heads in shame about what a piece of human waste they raised! Who was your family like, Breitbart? What was it like? What was your family life like, you bastard?

Again, to the "ignore them and they'll go away" crowd: should Malloy's threats really be disregarded because the audience is small?

What if just one nut is inspired enough by his program to attack one of these targets? Should we take that chance?


  • He sounds like a 5-year old with a mental problem.

    By Anonymous Jenny resterman, at 17 February, 2011 03:30  

  • Whatever, this guy has no ratings so who cares what he says. I honestly have never heard of him and am glad he isn't in my market.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17 February, 2011 09:16  

  • I never heard of this Mike dude -- LMAO, I looked him up - he's like a 1000 years old - he talks a good game but probably lives in his mom's basement - troll

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17 February, 2011 09:36  

  • This is just another example of an ignorant left wing buffoon, spewing hate speech. Verbal garbage from a left wing moron.

    By Anonymous Jeff Souza, at 17 February, 2011 09:39  

  • This tirade is a bit different than most left wing tirades I have listened to.
    It is specific, it is directly pointed at an individual, and it is viscous in an extreme manner specificly to incite others.
    This gentleman should, at the very least, be suspended without pay for 6 months.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17 February, 2011 09:55  

  • i'm thinkin i would like this guy to come and try to grind me into the dirt. he would become organic fertilizer real quick. the word verification is appropriate. focking. focking idiot. old white guy.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17 February, 2011 09:57  

  • Now Mikie - its time for civility and we are supposed to join arms and sit together. Can you imagine the outrage if Sarah had said something like this. This is just more of the typical liberal hypocrisy. Zero tolerance for anyone who can think.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 17 February, 2011 10:10  

  • Bring it on Malloy! I will make the world a better place by feeding you to my pigs after I kick the s--t out of your gay a-s. You pussy libs who demand a free ride in exchange for not rioting are the excrement, are the disease are the REAL trash who are the enemies of freedom.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17 February, 2011 10:16  

  • This guy is a typical liberal deep thinker. THEY are the inciters of violence, hatred, and racism. Liberals tend to have deep, untreated psychological problems, and are a danger to society.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17 February, 2011 11:01  

  • your are correct he is what would normally be called a non-mature cry baby that has half of his brain stuck in the "10 to 15 year old maturity state" and he can't get out of it nor can he remove the silver spoon from his overgrown mouth. Free Speech--let this sand box bully have all he wants.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17 February, 2011 12:04  

  • Again...another liberal nut stirring the leftist crazies. Isn't this illegal now...didn't the leftist media say that this kind of language needs to go away...oh wait, it's only for those they choose to enforce these communistic guidelines. liberals are the biggest hypocrites which translates to mental problems.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 17 February, 2011 12:05  

  • Oh my goodness. This guy sounds like he is crazy. I don't think he should be prevented from saying what he wants to say. That is what freedom of speech is all about. It sounds as though the very questions he is asking about Mr. Breitbart are very telling about his own personal life...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17 February, 2011 12:48  

  • Interestingly enough it seems like a lot of our more Conservative Internet buddies find this video of Mike Malloy insulting Andrew Brietbart to be very offensive, childish and sickening.

    "This guy has no ratings..."

    "This is just another example of an ignorant left wing buffoon, spewing hate speech..."

    "He sounds like a 5-year old with a mental problem."

    I find it fascinating that and I would be money on this none of these anonymous individuals found it offensive when Andrew Brietbart, at this year's CPAC called liberals "Animals" and "Not American" but I suppose that just because a radio host says something silly and offensive that negates all the things Andrew Brietbart has ever said.

    It seems to me that on both sides of the aisle, and I'm not one for this false equivalency game — are calling each other names more and more than ever discussing the issues.

    So who is at fault here? I'll tell you because it's obvious if you can think outside your partisan foxhole. Both Mike Malloy an Andrew Brietbart are more than equally guilty of this sort of trash talking.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17 February, 2011 13:05  

  • Seems to me, Mr. Breitbart's best course of action would be to introduce himself to this man.

    "Nastiness will occur, you say? Here I am. You have something you want to do? Go for it, big man."

    One valuable thing that was lost in the taming of the Old West, was a man's responsibility for his words. Oddly enough, Malloy is correct when he says today's men throw words and then hide behind skirts. So what'll it be, Malloy - are you a man or a mouse? C'mon, squeak up!

    By Anonymous Jimmy Ray, at 17 February, 2011 13:05  

  • Mike Malloy you snivling little lib piece of excrement! You want to take on a conservative, give me a try! Everyone will be able to have a good laugh after this conservative white WOMAN kicks your butt!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17 February, 2011 14:17  

  • This man has serious problems.After listening to this tirade I don't have to read the book to know liberalisim is a mental defect. I guess it is okay to lump all liberals this way, because it seems okay for them to call all conservatives, NAZI'S. I think this puke had trouble holding on to his lunch money at school and now he is mad at the world.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17 February, 2011 16:45  

  • Wow, what a hateful venomous vitriolic mental rage. He needs to look into the mirror. The person he describes as a pig is "himself"

    Span man

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17 February, 2011 21:28  

  • I'd love to see Mike Malloy, Keith Olbermann, or any of these other lib tough guys out and about somewhere. I'd walk right up to them, tell them I was a right wing conservative, and see what they had to say to me! I'm guessing they wouldn't say a word, considering I'm 6'5, 335 lbs! These guys are only tough when they're in the safety of their studios!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17 February, 2011 23:56  

  • Aren't liberals so tolerant of others?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18 February, 2011 00:00  

  • I have said this before, but it needs to be said again, so here goes...

    1.Mike Malloy is an angry, bitter, little man. He has been consumed by hate for a long time, & deserves the miserable existance he now has.

    2.Malloy is lashing out at everyone & everything because he sees the world he wants becoming harder to achieve. He wants a progressive/communist utopia, BTW. As he gets older, he turns 69 on July 1 & he sees that it will never happen in his lifetime. That will make him angrier & that's a good thing

    3.Despite the fact Malloy is an idiot, & that he has a few hundred listeners nationally, he is a concern. Here's why, if just 1 of his moronic listeners attempts to act out 1 of Malloy's "fantasy" senarios, & they try to kill Andrew Breitbart, Glenn Beck, or whoever else pisses him off, there will be a problem. He has a long history of saying he wants bad things to happen to those he hates. This would not be hard to prove, since this site & many others have reported & recorded his nuttier rantings. If something really happens, will he be help accountable?

    4.Whatever I have said in 1,2,& 3, Malloy is a good thing. He has the constitutional right to say whatever the hell he wants. In a way, he is the true voice of what progressivism is. By his words, he exposes what many progressives believe & says what he wants to happen. Most people who think the way Malloy , & have access to a microphone, DO NOT HAVE THE BALLS to say what Malloy says. The proof is how many say they support Malloy's comments, like Rachel Maddow & Bill Press. Malloy words should be taken at face value, because he says EXACTLY what he means.

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 18 February, 2011 04:34  

  • The CRAZY lefties like this guy are certainly not true Americans. They are the garbage of this earth.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 03 March, 2012 13:25  

  • We need to eliminate all left wing who live in tis country or ship them to Russia.So their ASS can be killed over their including BRIAN COLONY.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 03 March, 2012 19:18  

  • He better watch his step. He's nothing more than a rat bastard that can be eliminated himself

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 03 March, 2012 21:24  

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